Beauty of San Francisco

I remember how ”Save Me San Francisco” by Trains has always been one of my favourite songs, luckily this time last year I finally had a chance to experience the beauty of San Francisco! 😀 Renowned for its rolling steep hills, cool summers, fog. All of which marked a stark contrast to Los Angeles where I traveled from and made me…… Continue reading Beauty of San Francisco

A Touch of Europe in California – Solvang Village

Good day lovers, I haven’t post a travel blog in a while now, today was extremely sunshine in the Welsh Valley and it reminded me of my USA trip. I’ve been wanting to write about the Solvang Village for a while now so here you have it 🙂 Solvang village is a Danish village founded…… Continue reading A Touch of Europe in California – Solvang Village

My VIP Grand Canyon Helicopter tour

I had an amazing opportunity to take a VIP helicopter tour at Grand Canyon, all I want to say is what an experience!!! This was one of the best experience from my trip to the states last summer, being my first time on a helicopter, I must admit I was a little nervous at first. But,…… Continue reading My VIP Grand Canyon Helicopter tour

My USA adventure – LA

Los Angeles has always been a fascinating place for me, you know the perfect blend of sunshine & hollywood glam. I remembered that when dad told me I get a chance to go in 2012, I squealed with excitement!! So here I was driving through this magical city where we got the chance to follow…… Continue reading My USA adventure – LA

My USA adventure

I guess everyone has fantasized about Las Vegas at least once during their life time,an ever-changing fantasy-land of a city, has seen unbelievable expansion since it emerged from the desert just over 100 years ago. In August 2012, I finally got the chance to visit! Hurraaaaay! My stay in Vegas was a short one (…… Continue reading My USA adventure