Weekly Photo Challenge – Let there be light / colourful watercaves

I’m really glad this week’s topic came up in the Weekly Photo Challenge, I’ve been wanting to show you guys my adventure to Benxi watercaves from my summer holiday to China. It’s amazing how the illumination of the light shown in this water cave, very clever of them to think of such a beautiful idea! enjoy!

(These photos were captured by my Samsung Galaxy S4)






Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected – My Summer Adventure

It’s been a while since I entered myself into this weekly photo challenge, I really liked this week’s topic – Unexpected.

I think I have the perfect picture for this from my holiday album where I went on a bamboo raft in Guilin, Southern China.


Weekly Photo Challenge : Inside – Catherine Palace, St. Petersburg

It’s time for my favourite post again! This week’s photo challenge, I would like to share the inside of the Catherine Palace. That’s right! Mum and Dad went to visit Russia this summer during which I was in China at the time. This awesome grandeur can almost rival the magnificent Versailles, I think I’ve run out of adjectives to describe all those breath-taking interior decorations!








Weekly Photo Challenge – An Unusual POV: the Great Wall Of China

Time for this week’s photo challenge again! Un unusual POV.. very interesting!!


This photography was taken at the part of Great Wall in Dandong, China. Unlike other shots of the Great Wall of China, here, I focused on the details of the bricks. I cannot help but to think of the amount of history behind each and one of them and making up a magnificent architecture!

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Weekly Photo Challenge- Focus

When I first read the topic Focus for this week’s photo challenge, the very first thing popped in my head was… how could I capture a person’s concentration? Silly me! I’ve been wanting to post this picture up as a post for my trip to Inner Mongolia but it is better suited for the photo challenge this week.


I’m not a professional photographer, but I love experimenting with my Samsung camera, especially with ”the flower mode where I can get a nice focus with a certain distance to the object. Capturing this butterfly was definitely a challenge for me since the shutter is pretty slow on my camera and I wanted to wait for the perfect moment with its wings spread open. But hey! I’m really happy with the result! Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge- Focus