My USA adventure – LA

Los Angeles has always been a fascinating place for me, you know the perfect blend of sunshine & hollywood glam. I remembered that when dad told me I get a chance to go in 2012, I squealed with excitement!! So here I was driving through this magical city where we got the chance to follow the Walk of Fame, the place where usually glamorous events like Golden Globe Award, Film Award take place and of course its Universal Studios!!!


(picture taken from our tour bus, the weather was perfect ūüėČ )

The Walk of Fame was pretty cool, just star signs dotted around the pavement with some of the most famous actors, actresses and even some brand. I found L’oreal which I thought was pretty amusing. The famous Chinese theatre just nearby too !



(Oo look who I’ve found ūüėČ )



(Pictures of me and mum walking on the Walk of Fame and posing outside the Dolby Theatre a place hosting red carpet events)


Upon my arrival, there were dancers at the entrance making moves and even asked some visitors to join in. This was an extremely lively place, more than I could ever imagine¬†from the¬†”rural” Wales. ¬†With such an excitement, as I entered the gate, there were people dressed in film characters greeting me and here I also spotted the Donkey from Shrek behind a donut kiosk. Just like the personality of Donkey in the film, he too was yelling: I LOVE WAFFLES!!! ūüėÄ haha


We spent our time in the Universal Studio hopped on a train that took us to all the sites where movies had been filmed and all the props/ technologies being used to create certain effect during the movie’s production, such as earth quake effect, gun fighting scenes, rainstorms etc. The site¬†had different sections¬†according to their theme where¬†I saw modern cities, the wild west and even¬†a street full of posh houses used in The Desperate House Wives. ¬†At one point, we were stuck in the fighting scene between King Kong and a T Rex, a 4D¬†experience basically that was pretty frightening.¬†After seeing the film production site, I finally came to realise how much stuff are artificial being used in films, shocking but the same time fascinating because how real it all seem on-screen !!


We spent the rest of our day visiting different venues that staged some show/ films based on the original hollywood films like Shrek, Star Wars etc.¬† Oh and not to mention dad tricked me into attending what he called as a¬†thrilling live pirate¬†show which turned out to be like a water show and the audience were soaked from buckets full of water by the host and to make matters worse he made some excuse and escaped to the very back left me in the very front seat – oh yes the wet zone. After I was drenched from head to toe for almost an hour, I didn’t care less so we ended the day with a fun ride on the Jurassic Park.




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