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Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas Sign

I guess everyone has fantasized about Las Vegas at least once during their life time,an ever-changing fantasy-land of a city, has seen unbelievable expansion since it emerged from the desert just over 100 years ago. In August 2012, I finally got the chance to visit! Hurraaaaay! My stay in Vegas was a short one ( three days) because once again we went on a sightseeing tour around west coast of America for 10 days.

First Day – upon my arrival, I was dazzled by most of the things in Vegas. My first impression was that: SO. MANY. HOTELS.  Every single one had different themes which was pretty fascinating for someone who was used to the traditional B&B.

Luckily we made it in time for the Bellagio fountain show


Our tour package planned a visit to the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, the one with its entire interior designs inspired by the stunning features of Venice ( a mixture of Gondolas, Masquerade, crisp blue sky added with a breath of Italian sophistication) Two words: Just. WOW.

DSC00158(Ground floor at Venetian Hotel)

DSC00150DSC00147(the famous blue sky painted ceilings, copies of Venice street & gondolas)

DSC00137(shopping area decorated just like the street in Rome)

This was followed by a brief visit to the East side of Las Vegas where according to our tour guide: ”has a relaxing/down to earth atmosphere as opposed to in the West side”. Okay, I must admit people who were on their nigh-outs in the East side  just wore jeans and t-shirt and none of that suit or formal cocktail dress which would  have definitely upstage that plain skater dress I’ve bought from at the time.


We stayed the Stratosphere hotel in Vegas; famously known for their amusement ride on the rooftop & bungee jumping service. During my stay, I had the most tastiest buffet for dinner, so many varieties of food ranging from Mexican to Japanese were available and many cute looking desserts freshly made. We were spoilt for choice! I seriously would recommend anyone to stay there.

After our lovely evening meal, we queued up to visit the Stratosphere tower to take some night view pictures of Vegas & witnessed two dare-devils jumped off the bungee, one had his glasses almost glued to the back of his ears before leaping off.

Stunning view from the rooftop of our hotel.
Let’s strike a pose too

It might be a short stay but fine, lets just say I will be back again and Vegas you are truly fabulous!


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