Weekly Photo Challenge – An Unusual POV: the Great Wall Of China

Time for this week’s photo challenge again! Un unusual POV.. very interesting!!


This photography was taken at the part of Great Wall in Dandong, China. Unlike other shots of the Great Wall of China, here, I focused on the details of the bricks. I cannot help but to think of the amount of history behind each and one of them and making up a magnificent architecture!

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Summer 2013 – Best Summer Ever.

It’s been so long since I last blogged, my internet connection has been down recently. Here I am finally home getting hold of a computer and proxying through the Chinese Great Fire Wall onto WordPress. If anyone is wondering which VPN I use, I recommend Pandapow!  🙂 I’ve been having such a hectic lifestyle lately; yes, I only have 5 days left in China, therefore I need to see everyone again.

I must admit 2013 summer has been the best one so far!  First, I get to see the good and the bad of Beijing ( our ”lovely” capital city haha! 😉 …to read more about my trip to Beijing, click here )  Then, perhaps the most memorable trip of my holiday got to be my 7 days in Guilin, I loved it there, especially about its great nightlife and scenery!  Recently I travelled to Dandong which is a city in China bordering North Korea, (I plan to write about that soon. ) Oh and not to mention the endless drive to Inner Mongolia that too me a week to get back home.  Overall what can I say?! I would love to do this all over again, sunshine, exploring different culture with the people I love. What more can I ask for? 😉







The Silver Cave Resort – Yangshuo, Guilin China

Afternoon guys! It’s so hot out currently in Guilin around 35 degrees. Here I am hiding in my hotel room finding things to do, of course that would be blogging time :). Yesterday, we got up at 7 am; had a cooked breakfast at a cute cafe owned by an American called Minority Cafe. ( cooked breakfast is something I seriously miss in China right now, you can imagine my excitement!).The Minority Cafe is a popular spot for foreigners to hang out, starting from early hours in the morning until midnight. The price of the food is relatively cheap compare to other resturants in Yangshuo and the portions are very generous!  

After breakfast we went to meet up with a tour guide taking us to The Silver Cave resort, it’s a must see for tourists and I shall tell you, it was absolutely stunning!





Guilin Yangshuo – Sun, Scenery&Nightlife

Hello darlings! I am currently blogging in the lobby of my hotel at Guilin on my phone. Thought it would be a nice to keep you guys updated 🙂 the town i am staying is called yangshuo, like a mini holiday town and it comes alive at night. I love it, there is a street called Western Street with pubs and bars of course. So lately my days just involved sight seeing in the day and going out at night. Heres some pictures 😉




A Touch of Europe in California – Solvang Village

Good day lovers, I haven’t post a travel blog in a while now, today was extremely sunshine in the Welsh Valley and it reminded me of my USA trip. I’ve been wanting to write about the Solvang Village for a while now so here you have it 🙂
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