Share Your World – 2013 week 30

Incase any of you lovelies haven’t noticed my shiny new badge on the left hand side of my blog, yes I joined a new blog event hosted on WP called Share Your World. I love the idea of sharing something about me every week by answering a few questions being asked. A nice way for…… Continue reading Share Your World – 2013 week 30

Summer 2013 – Best Summer Ever.

It’s been so long since I last blogged, my internet connection has been down recently. Here I am finally home getting hold of a computer and proxying through the Chinese Great Fire Wall onto WordPress. If anyone is wondering which VPN I use, I recommend Pandapow!  🙂 I’ve been having such a hectic lifestyle lately; yes, I…… Continue reading Summer 2013 – Best Summer Ever.

Experiencing Beijing – The good & The bad

It’s been so long since I last blogged about my holiday in China. Right now it’s around 30 degrees out, here I am hiding indoor to organise all the pictures I took from my trip to Beijing and ready to share it to you guys, yes the good and the bad! Being the capital of…… Continue reading Experiencing Beijing – The good & The bad

Half empty? Half full?

Half empty.. Half full? – It is a common expression used to test out one individual’s worldview.  I’ve been wanting to post my thoughts on this topic for a while now. Generally speaking, I class myself as a worrier you know the one who always picture the worst case scenario as a way to alleviate…… Continue reading Half empty? Half full?

My VIP Grand Canyon Helicopter tour

I had an amazing opportunity to take a VIP helicopter tour at Grand Canyon, all I want to say is what an experience!!! This was one of the best experience from my trip to the states last summer, being my first time on a helicopter, I must admit I was a little nervous at first. But,…… Continue reading My VIP Grand Canyon Helicopter tour

In need of motivation!

Good afternoon darlings! 😀 woke up pretty early for school today so I’m feeling super drained right now. Currently working on some school assignments and forcing myself to finish it tonight. I need some motivation and I found some nice quotes to perk me up 😀 Hope you enjoy them too! Have a nice evening,…… Continue reading In need of motivation!