Summer 2014, you are wonderful.

Summer 2014 has been wonderful so far, I’ve been on various trips which can be counted as some of the amazing experiences of my life so far. Besides all the travelling, I hope to receive my driving license before I move back to uni, as I found myself preoccupied with a fairly intensive driving course and having passed my driving theory test not so long ago! PHEW. so fingers crossed.

In my spare time, as you probably know I hopped on the train and commuted frequently to Cardiff. HOW I MISS THAT CITY. As I am trying to find out the perfect place for afternoon tea, Pettigrew Tea Rooms is located in the beautiful Bute Park at the city center by the Cardiff Castle (some pictures of the park can be found HERE). It has been rated the top tearoom in Cardiff, so being a foodie like myself couldn’t resist the temptation. Last week I also discovered an organic food/bar called Milgi. Being a huge fan of healthy and organic products, I stopped by on a Friday night which was surprisingly busy for a bar of its size on City road. What I loved about the place is that not only it has the eco-feel reflected in its interior design as well as the mugs/cups of the drinks it serves but also it’s a relatively quiet place to enjoy drinks between friends and family as opposed to the main stream pubs/clubs which are pretty rowdy on weekend. Places like these are hard to find these days.20140724_161608_副本IMG_20140801_215043_副本


New In

This morning started off with me got up a little later than usual, which means that I had to skip breakfast and run for my 9 o’clock lectures. Thankfully, the lecture theatre is no too  very far from my hall. Oh and I picked up my four parcels from reception and was so super excited to open them!


I bought some anti- blemish foundation from Clinique, having had my lucky trail sample from them. I really loved it! It was perfect for my combination skin, going to use it when I need cover up. I shall do another post about all the products in the gift box later.  FINALLY, I NOW OWN A PAIR OF HEADPHONES ( the one I’ve been using came from my mobile phone, just those small ones you get with it.. nothing special) But I’m one of those people who prefer listening to music when I work and I prefer the headphones with more padding, frankly, when you work 10 hours a day with headphones in, your ears would end up pretty sore!

Workaholic, Foodie, Shopaholic – what I did in the last 4 weeks

Been a month since my last update, it’s natural that my blog feels a bit neglected! I don’t know whether any of you students out there feel the same but the weeks literally fly at University? Literally! So much work, so little time. 

Apart from me being a workaholic on a daily basis, I’ve been going on many dinner dates around Cardiff with my boyfriend, we are such foodies! Many of regular readers would know that my favourite is this Mexican restaurant called Chimichanga, they have recently refurbished the place… my favourite Aztec decorations had been replaced by a much more authentic festival decoration… although I don’t know whether they did it because Christmas in a month time? But, if you get a chance to visit please check it out and try their dessert Churros or Sangria… or Both!!




Mmmm… getting a little carried away there! Surprisingly, dining out is perhaps the biggest expense so far in my “pretend” budget( I feel like I have to call it a budget since I am a student after all). admittedly I have been good with online shopping… at least to my standard. Below are my purchases of the month.



My beloved Dior perfume is running out so I decided to try out a relatively cheap alternative scent by Vinnie Westwood called Cheeky Alice, the scent is not very strong compare to others and the after note is a light floral, sandalwood scent, I love it! Definitely recommend it!

My Hectic Week

It’s been a week since I logged onto my blog, feeling really bad for neglecting my readers! My apologies! It’s Sunday, finally I can have some time to myself to do things  I like; before you ask what might that be. Well it’s probably not as exciting as you might think: Shopping, going home to see family and blog 😛
Being a Law student after 2 weeks is tough, I felt the pressure and being suffocated with intense workload soon my course has started. That also explains why I haven’t even been able to catch up on my favourite American series – The Vampire Diaries. Also, haven’t had the time to browse online for clothes. waaa. Hard to admit, law work is literally my life right now. I found myself doing work 9-8 on Thursday; completely missed out dinner being served at my hall because I was swotting in the library. So here’s a good tip: make friends at your hall, get your friends to pick your food up for you! The moment when you returned from the library after a LONG day, you really begin to value the importance of friendship when you see a large chunk of chicken breast and LOT’S AND LOT’S of vegetables plus various dressings on your plate, all ready for you!  I nearly cried!

Once again, I visited home this weekend to see mum, dad and Joey. Felt really good to catch up with them and to spend some time in the country; FRESH AIR!! I will probably go home this upcoming Saturday since mum is planing to leave for China on the 29th, really going to miss her.

That’s enough update from me, right now my criminal law tutorial material is looking back at me and making me feel bad for leaving them out. Off to study I go! Another hectic week commence!

Share Your World – Week 31

Once again, it’s time for  ”Share Your World” post, I’m excited to share all the fun thoughts with my fellow readers!
Do you push the elevator button more than once and do you really believe it makes the elevator faster?

Admittedly, yes, when I was a child. That was one of the things most child believed! Imagine. There I was pressing buttons in the elevator whilst thinking I had the power to control the speed of elevator, my first sense of ”power?” … So innocent! But now, looking back, it was pretty silly of me!

If you had the choice between an RV, a sports car, truck, SUV, or a bicycle, which would you choose and why?

I would like to choose a sports car, but personally I think sports cars are the flashy kind rather than practical! On the other hand a suv, it’s handy, more spacious, can store a lot of bags from shopping trips… need anymore?

If you HAD to change your name, what would you change it to?

Difficult one! I’ve had so many different pet name from my relatives, its unimaginable! I like my name as it is – Annie; that’s my English name since it’s so much easier to prounouce in Europe than my name in Mandarin. However, mandarin names are difficult to change because every Chinese character has its own meaning, or just to be more confusing… SEVERAL meanings depending on the combinations of characters! So just an insight, my name in Mandarin’s literal translation: ”go very far in life”  Well, scarily true because travel is my biggest passion!  

Is it more important to love or be loved?

Personally, I think it’s equally important. It’s a balance in life and a matter of give & take. One cannot be loving without receiving any compassion from others; a simple example might be having a new pet, you must make him feel loved to win his trust and love back.

New Chapter In My Life

It’s been so hectic since I flew back to Britain! Doing the usual stuff like unpacking and there I was the next day with only 4 hours worth of sleep, woke up at 6am nervously checking UCAS updates. And I waited for about an hour and half – YES I GOT INTO CARDIFF UNIVERSITY!! so so happy right now 😀

Yup, so some of you would probably have guessed that I have alot of stuff to sort out before my next move to the capital city of wales! I’ve made a list to take and a list to do so far. Literally cannot wait!