End of the term panic: Deadlines, Christmas, Trip to China !

Is it just me having the ‘panic moment’ every December of every year? Once again, my Law course at University has coming to an end.. the only way to describe it: TOUGH WORK & SLEEP DEPRIVED.

It has been tough balancing the workload that the tutors throw at you, not to mention the amount of reading plus extra reading required to succeed. Simply, sometimes there isn’t enough time in the day to complete the reading (according to personal experience). Although having ranted about the intensity of this challenging degree; meanwhile I absolutely enjoy many aspects of the law can offer like no other degrees! Its areas of uncertainty which requires you to find out about in much more depth, the ‘blonde moment’ you feel when it comes to something you do not understand in your readings/ lectures, which then motivates you to look into it later… the list goes on. The important thing is that after the hard work, the swotting, the panicking, the potential near breakdown stage. You find yourself ‘click’ all suddenly then the feeling of accomplishment overwhelms you comes right after!

I’ve been working on my essays to meet the deadline due next week, pretty much preoccupied me most of this week. My break was to simply shop online and order christmas presents for family, boyfriends etc. ( nice time management!) Ok, I did have a panic moment yesterday when the realisation of not being access to Google when I jet off to China this time next week, which means I can not do my research for my holiday project/ along with various other essays that I need to given in January! THIS MOMENT OF : GOD. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?!?!!? Luckily I’ve come down. Downloading every documents I need onto my laptop shall commence this evening. ASAP.

I have 5 days to figure out what exactly should I bring to North Eastern China at this time of the year, last time I heard it’s minus ten degrees. God. Let’s hope I don’t freeze to death


Workaholic, Foodie, Shopaholic – what I did in the last 4 weeks

Been a month since my last update, it’s natural that my blog feels a bit neglected! I don’t know whether any of you students out there feel the same but the weeks literally fly at University? Literally! So much work, so little time. 

Apart from me being a workaholic on a daily basis, I’ve been going on many dinner dates around Cardiff with my boyfriend, we are such foodies! Many of regular readers would know that my favourite is this Mexican restaurant called Chimichanga, they have recently refurbished the place… my favourite Aztec decorations had been replaced by a much more authentic festival decoration… although I don’t know whether they did it because Christmas in a month time? But, if you get a chance to visit please check it out and try their dessert Churros or Sangria… or Both!!




Mmmm… getting a little carried away there! Surprisingly, dining out is perhaps the biggest expense so far in my “pretend” budget( I feel like I have to call it a budget since I am a student after all). admittedly I have been good with online shopping… at least to my standard. Below are my purchases of the month.



My beloved Dior perfume is running out so I decided to try out a relatively cheap alternative scent by Vinnie Westwood called Cheeky Alice, the scent is not very strong compare to others and the after note is a light floral, sandalwood scent, I love it! Definitely recommend it!

My Hectic Week

It’s been a week since I logged onto my blog, feeling really bad for neglecting my readers! My apologies! It’s Sunday, finally I can have some time to myself to do things  I like; before you ask what might that be. Well it’s probably not as exciting as you might think: Shopping, going home to see family and blog 😛
Being a Law student after 2 weeks is tough, I felt the pressure and being suffocated with intense workload soon my course has started. That also explains why I haven’t even been able to catch up on my favourite American series – The Vampire Diaries. Also, haven’t had the time to browse online for clothes. waaa. Hard to admit, law work is literally my life right now. I found myself doing work 9-8 on Thursday; completely missed out dinner being served at my hall because I was swotting in the library. So here’s a good tip: make friends at your hall, get your friends to pick your food up for you! The moment when you returned from the library after a LONG day, you really begin to value the importance of friendship when you see a large chunk of chicken breast and LOT’S AND LOT’S of vegetables plus various dressings on your plate, all ready for you!  I nearly cried!

Once again, I visited home this weekend to see mum, dad and Joey. Felt really good to catch up with them and to spend some time in the country; FRESH AIR!! I will probably go home this upcoming Saturday since mum is planing to leave for China on the 29th, really going to miss her.

That’s enough update from me, right now my criminal law tutorial material is looking back at me and making me feel bad for leaving them out. Off to study I go! Another hectic week commence!

My Weekend At Home

Home, sweet home! I was picked up by Dad on thursday straight after lectures for dentist appointments. Yes I am now 6 months through of wearing braces and I saw some dramatic changes in my teeth! Every adjustment is an extremely annoying and painful experience lasting around 4 days then you won’t feel it again until your next adjustment. 

This weekend I decided to stay at home, missing mum’s cooking espcially some tradition chinese cookings like Hotpot, seafood, noodles and rice etc. Mm I never knew I could miss them so much after 2 weeks of eating English Breakfast, British cooked dinners. A friend from university also came to stay at mine, so far we took a long walk around the mountain, the lakes etc with Joey ( my cute Collie). We spent the afternoon reading and preparing for next week seminars like a pair of committed students with chocolate and lots and lots of fruit! Image


My thoughts on university experience

My university experience so far has been very very fulfilling, I pretty much have something to do every minute of the day! It’s not a bad thing as some of you might think! Actually, I’ve never felt so much alive. I don’t even know where I get all the energy from haha. So starting a Law degree is undoubtebly challenging, but to be fair, I love this challenge and I can’t help but to feel a sense of accomplishment everytime I understood an essay or an article from late night reading sessions! That’s a positive sign surely, I am loving university so far and especially I think I really found the right course because it’s intellectually challenging and stimulating, yet many can’t say that about many other courses offered at university.

I plan to go out for a meal with my boyfriend tonight to celebrate his birthday, I’m most likely going to have a steak… mmm… it’s been so long! Later, I’m going to pick up my Michael Kors bag from a department store that I ordered yesterday! Will post plenty photos later, stay tuned! 🙂

New Chapter In My Life

It’s been so hectic since I flew back to Britain! Doing the usual stuff like unpacking and there I was the next day with only 4 hours worth of sleep, woke up at 6am nervously checking UCAS updates. And I waited for about an hour and half – YES I GOT INTO CARDIFF UNIVERSITY!! so so happy right now 😀

Yup, so some of you would probably have guessed that I have alot of stuff to sort out before my next move to the capital city of wales! I’ve made a list to take and a list to do so far. Literally cannot wait!