My thoughts on university experience

My university experience so far has been very very fulfilling, I pretty much have something to do every minute of the day! It’s not a bad thing as some of you might think! Actually, I’ve never felt so much alive. I don’t even know where I get all the energy from haha. So starting a Law degree is undoubtebly challenging, but to be fair, I love this challenge and I can’t help but to feel a sense of accomplishment everytime I understood an essay or an article from late night reading sessions! That’s a positive sign surely, I am loving university so far and especially I think I really found the right course because it’s intellectually challenging and stimulating, yet many can’t say that about many other courses offered at university.

I plan to go out for a meal with my boyfriend tonight to celebrate his birthday, I’m most likely going to have a steak… mmm… it’s been so long! Later, I’m going to pick up my Michael Kors bag from a department store that I ordered yesterday! Will post plenty photos later, stay tuned! ūüôā


Sunday & Start of year one at Cardiff university

Yesterday I woke up with a terrible sore throat, now it’s a mild cold. not surprised. But nothing will dampen my spirit because my parents will be coming to visit me today! hehe the advantages of parents living close by. We plan to go for a sit down meal today as a family and mum will probably bring some of my winter clothes as well. I feel like I’ve settled down properly now, despite the fact that my room is right next to a shared toilet which can get noisy at night. However, I’ve overcome this and had plenty good sleeps lately!
Tomorrow I will be starting my first semester and my first day being a law student! It’s exciting… Even though my lecture starts at 9:00. But seriously I finally feel like for once I can do the things I want to (academically) and something which is useful to my future! I have to make sure to update this blog often for my dearest readers, like I said this is a platform for me to write about my feelings and also a record of my life experiences as an undergraduate student as well as a passionate traveller!


One Lovely Blog Award!!

Today started by missing my breakfast served at 8:00 am, ok I can explain, I was out with friends in the Student Union pub¬†because it was one of my friends’ birthday. She finally¬†came to Cardiff to meet us¬†from her busy life being ‘a broke arty-student-on-foudation-course-without-funding’.¬†Of course, it was so nice meeting her and I was pretty overwhelmed by the feeling of meeting up with an old friend! Like any other students, so during freshers¬†week, I have so many enrolment events, welcome talks etc to attend… but guess what?! earlier, there was an email alert and yes a fellow WP blogger – overpackedandunderpaid had nominated me for my very first One Lovely Blog Award! BIG THANK YOU!


According to the rules attached to this award, I now have to share 7 facts about me, so here it is! Also I need to nominate 7 other bloggers, shall be announcing it tomorrow! Stay tuned!

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Last day at home


Finally, it’s here! I’m moving to my university’s hall of residence tomorrow! Where did the time go!? When I packed my bags last night, I thought to myself, even though I’ve always wanted to move to a city but I’m definitely going to miss home; my parents, my dog, my bathroom… everything that’s been around me for this past 7 years. I can not help to be a little saddened by this move. It’s a very contradicting feeling actually, because… what can I do? I’ve been looking forward to this for nearly 2 years now, it’s all apart of growing up being independent, taking on the world and so many opportunities waiting for me to take! At last, I’m happy to be able to learn Law and finally to be able to study my favourite language – German! So, even though the feeling of homesick still exists but I’m focusing on the positive sides and staying positive!

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The End Of Summer 2013


As I put on my new woolly cardigan this morning; casually layered up with a shift dress and black leggings. I thought to myself:¬†summer is officially over!¬†Hard to admit to myself that time literally flies when you’re having fun, but this morning, the reality really hit me hard! Yeah, I’ve been back for almost a month now from my trip to China and it seems just like yesterday…20130907_123128Today I’ve been doing something productive, went shopping with my boyfriend in Cardiff city. Finally started my uni shopping and of course, we visited one of my favourite restaurants of all, its CHIMICHANGA. Tried something different than¬†the usual burritos; instead I ordered the “half¬†piri¬†piri¬†chicken teamed with brown Mexican rice” It was yummy! So no regrets ( Although I seem to regret a lot of my choices when it comes to food) in fact it was refreshing from my staple diet which consists pasta, pasta and more pasta at the moment, because mum and dad are enjoying themselves in Cancun, Mexico. ( I shall be sharing pictures of Cancun soon, so watch this space!)¬†After our gorgeous lunch, we then wandered off to Waterstones¬†looking for some academic textbooks, wow I have to say, I think I would be bankrupted after three years of reading law!! *FACT* harsh reality strikes again!- ¬†Here’s some self reflection: honestly I think I had the best summer ever, very eventful but I can’t not wait for the exciting thoughts of becoming a uni students ahead! STAY POSITIVE ‚ô•


A Glimpse Of North Korea

A trip to the North Korean border was a bonus day trip this summer while I was on vacation in China! My boyfriend was so excited when I told him the news, yes, we all read the book called Nothing To Envy: Real Lives In North Korea. ( If you haven’t then I would seriously recommend it!).

Living in the democratic West, the most oppressive country like North Korea seems so far away, very hard to imagine. There I was arriving in Dandong¬†which is the Sino-North¬†Korean Border and North Korea is only across the Yalu River. It’s unbelievable at first and straight away you will see the contrast! Dandong¬†is in fact a small holiday city for Chinese people, as shown in the picture below, big buildings, lots and lots of shops/restaurants; a relatively happy place I would say. On the side of North Korea however, there’s¬†nothing except for a few small flats,quite a few old rusty abandoned fishing boats and some fair ground wheel that stopped functioning.

As¬†I stood on the Sino-Korea¬†Friendship bridge, I saw some disturbing things through the binoculars; an old man washing himself in the river, his face was gaunt and grey and had an extremely thin frame, yet again providing another contrast to his Chinese counterpart. Behind him there was a group of people just sitting, presumably¬†the Government wanted to portray a positive image of the relaxing lifestyle in the village of North Korea. That’s the problem in North Korea, the Government only wants you to see what they want you to see. So I still have a sense of doubt about everything I saw on that day, whether it’s real or not?? It’s hard to believe isn’t it, almost like fate that seperated people on the two sides, in this case only by a¬†Yalu River. ¬†