Starting my life as a Law student

So freshers officially ended on Sunday, Cardiff university organised a Freshers Ball which I attended and also left considerably early from it because I had 9:00 lectures the day after.  I had fun, mainly because of I love getting dressed up in fancier clothes than usual and the feeling of being VIP.


Time flies, it’s true, I’m no longer a fresher but somehow I still became a victim of the so called ‘Freshers Flu.’ Today in lectures, it sounded like 200 people were coughing at the same time, almost drowned out the voice of the lecturer! Surprisingly I really enjoy the lectures and tutorial sessions so far, which is a good start right? ūüėČ Today has been a little hectic than usual, 4 lectures in total starting at 9 this morning and tonight I have a Latin dance social to attend! I CAN’T WAIT TO START DANCING. ( for any of you who don’t know, I did ballroom/latin dance for 5 years! It’s something I’ve always been passionate about… besides travelling of course.)
Oh I also need to take pictures of the campus of Cardiff University for you guys, it’s so pretty here! Stay tuned.


One Lovely Blog Award!!

Today started by missing my breakfast served at 8:00 am, ok I can explain, I was out with friends in the Student Union pub¬†because it was one of my friends’ birthday. She finally¬†came to Cardiff to meet us¬†from her busy life being ‘a broke arty-student-on-foudation-course-without-funding’.¬†Of course, it was so nice meeting her and I was pretty overwhelmed by the feeling of meeting up with an old friend! Like any other students, so during freshers¬†week, I have so many enrolment events, welcome talks etc to attend… but guess what?! earlier, there was an email alert and yes a fellow WP blogger – overpackedandunderpaid had nominated me for my very first One Lovely Blog Award! BIG THANK YOU!


According to the rules attached to this award, I now have to share 7 facts about me, so here it is! Also I need to nominate 7 other bloggers, shall be announcing it tomorrow! Stay tuned!

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