Summer 2014, you are wonderful.

Summer 2014 has been wonderful so far, I’ve been on various trips which can be counted as some of the amazing experiences of my life so far. Besides all the travelling, I hope to receive my driving license before I move back to uni, as I found myself preoccupied with a fairly intensive driving course and having passed my driving theory test not so long ago! PHEW. so fingers crossed.

In my spare time, as you probably know I hopped on the train and commuted frequently to Cardiff. HOW I MISS THAT CITY. As I am trying to find out the perfect place for afternoon tea, Pettigrew Tea Rooms is located in the beautiful Bute Park at the city center by the Cardiff Castle (some pictures of the park can be found HERE). It has been rated the top tearoom in Cardiff, so being a foodie like myself couldn’t resist the temptation. Last week I also discovered an organic food/bar called Milgi. Being a huge fan of healthy and organic products, I stopped by on a Friday night which was surprisingly busy for a bar of its size on City road. What I loved about the place is that not only it has the eco-feel reflected in its interior design as well as the mugs/cups of the drinks it serves but also it’s a relatively quiet place to enjoy drinks between friends and family as opposed to the main stream pubs/clubs which are pretty rowdy on weekend. Places like these are hard to find these days.20140724_161608_副本IMG_20140801_215043_副本


Student Lock In, one crazy shopping night

What a night! I’ve been so busy reading around my course this couple of days only for this night! Because usually I find it easier to focus at night so I do night readings alot at university. But any excuse for shopping right!? The student lock in is a special shopping night for students where shopping malls will offer 25% discounts across all stores!




As you can imagine, with the student budget. Yes we are on a budget. But it’s shopping and the beauty of student loans/grants! They are there awaiting to be spent! We queued for 20 mintues at different collection point for a discounted wristband which identifies you as student taking part in the event. Then once we were being let in the shopping mall, it felt like freedom; not in the sense that as if the goods did not cost anything! But it was such a crazy time, many shops had special DJs, topless male models, it was a crazy party but designated to shopping! Who’s idea was this I wonder haha! Being abig opportunist, of course I undertook research in shops beforehand so I knew exactly what I needed and where I could find them! I finally got myself a really nice coat which I desperately needed ( will post later with pictures of it).

My thoughts on university experience

My university experience so far has been very very fulfilling, I pretty much have something to do every minute of the day! It’s not a bad thing as some of you might think! Actually, I’ve never felt so much alive. I don’t even know where I get all the energy from haha. So starting a Law degree is undoubtebly challenging, but to be fair, I love this challenge and I can’t help but to feel a sense of accomplishment everytime I understood an essay or an article from late night reading sessions! That’s a positive sign surely, I am loving university so far and especially I think I really found the right course because it’s intellectually challenging and stimulating, yet many can’t say that about many other courses offered at university.

I plan to go out for a meal with my boyfriend tonight to celebrate his birthday, I’m most likely going to have a steak… mmm… it’s been so long! Later, I’m going to pick up my Michael Kors bag from a department store that I ordered yesterday! Will post plenty photos later, stay tuned! 🙂

I Love My Life

So I had a brilliant day with mum, we went shopping together and found a pair of beautiful heels. Going to team it up with my floral dress for future events at University during freshers. Promise there will be lot’s of photos coming up! Stay tuned! Oh and let’s not forget the new notebook I bought today, it says ” I Love My Life” on the cover! With university coming up where I will be making so much new friends in the lovely of Cardiff, yup, I do love my life ♡

2013-08-25 18.00.36


New Chapter In My Life

It’s been so hectic since I flew back to Britain! Doing the usual stuff like unpacking and there I was the next day with only 4 hours worth of sleep, woke up at 6am nervously checking UCAS updates. And I waited for about an hour and half – YES I GOT INTO CARDIFF UNIVERSITY!! so so happy right now 😀

Yup, so some of you would probably have guessed that I have alot of stuff to sort out before my next move to the capital city of wales! I’ve made a list to take and a list to do so far. Literally cannot wait!