Starting my life as a Law student

So freshers officially ended on Sunday, Cardiff university organised a Freshers Ball which I attended and also left considerably early from it because I had 9:00 lectures the day after.  I had fun, mainly because of I love getting dressed up in fancier clothes than usual and the feeling of being VIP.


Time flies, it’s true, I’m no longer a fresher but somehow I still became a victim of the so called ‘Freshers Flu.’ Today in lectures, it sounded like 200 people were coughing at the same time, almost drowned out the voice of the lecturer! Surprisingly I really enjoy the lectures and tutorial sessions so far, which is a good start right? 😉 Today has been a little hectic than usual, 4 lectures in total starting at 9 this morning and tonight I have a Latin dance social to attend! I CAN’T WAIT TO START DANCING. ( for any of you who don’t know, I did ballroom/latin dance for 5 years! It’s something I’ve always been passionate about… besides travelling of course.)
Oh I also need to take pictures of the campus of Cardiff University for you guys, it’s so pretty here! Stay tuned.