Workaholic, Foodie, Shopaholic – what I did in the last 4 weeks

Been a month since my last update, it’s natural that my blog feels a bit neglected! I don’t know whether any of you students out there feel the same but the weeks literally fly at University? Literally! So much work, so little time. 

Apart from me being a workaholic on a daily basis, I’ve been going on many dinner dates around Cardiff with my boyfriend, we are such foodies! Many of regular readers would know that my favourite is this Mexican restaurant called Chimichanga, they have recently refurbished the place… my favourite Aztec decorations had been replaced by a much more authentic festival decoration… although I don’t know whether they did it because Christmas in a month time? But, if you get a chance to visit please check it out and try their dessert Churros or Sangria… or Both!!




Mmmm… getting a little carried away there! Surprisingly, dining out is perhaps the biggest expense so far in my “pretend” budget( I feel like I have to call it a budget since I am a student after all). admittedly I have been good with online shopping… at least to my standard. Below are my purchases of the month.



My beloved Dior perfume is running out so I decided to try out a relatively cheap alternative scent by Vinnie Westwood called Cheeky Alice, the scent is not very strong compare to others and the after note is a light floral, sandalwood scent, I love it! Definitely recommend it!


What I did yesterday – Update!

Hey darlings, its late sorry about the bad update. I promised to write about my day at Cardiff city yesterday so here it is.

The morning started in a rush, I spent too much time doing my hair so I nearly missed the train by 5 minutes!! SCARY THOUGHT. Finally I met up with my bestie Daniel who came down to visit Cardiff for the day, once again nearly missing our train to Cathays by one minute haha! We walked around the campus area for a while, you know pretending to be younger like we had no UCAS experience ;). We then settled at this beautiful garden to relax and chatted about what we saw mainly how excited we are for  September. With daffodils booming all around us, I am more determined than ever to being able to sit on this exact spot catching up with Dan over a coffee again. 😀


after our lovely chat, we headed to the high street and settled for a mexican lunch at Chimichangas, we both ordered a chicken burritos and it was delicious also very filling!!


After showing Dan some of the major sites in Cardiff we ended our day with a long conversation at Starbucks, overall it was so nice meeting him in a lovely day , now let the hardcore revision session begin ;)!! I shall write again soon.