Life At University

As some of you probably know, I’m all settled in at University’s hall of residence, moved on the 18th (hence the reason why I haven’t post anything in the past few days.) But, yes finally I arrived at my favourite city – Cardiff and my bedroom is alot bigger than I expected which is another bonus! Oh and I love my hall so much since they organise their own little events with the girls living here, such as the night we had called pizza night where we had to play little games and socialise with each other over pizza!


So this is it, I’m starting to budget, doing errands, making new friends; all apart of growing up and being away from home! Even though the summer is over but I’m determined to make 2013 the best year of my life.


The End Of Summer 2013


As I put on my new woolly cardigan this morning; casually layered up with a shift dress and black leggings. I thought to myself: summer is officially over! Hard to admit to myself that time literally flies when you’re having fun, but this morning, the reality really hit me hard! Yeah, I’ve been back for almost a month now from my trip to China and it seems just like yesterday…20130907_123128Today I’ve been doing something productive, went shopping with my boyfriend in Cardiff city. Finally started my uni shopping and of course, we visited one of my favourite restaurants of all, its CHIMICHANGA. Tried something different than the usual burritos; instead I ordered the “half piri piri chicken teamed with brown Mexican rice” It was yummy! So no regrets ( Although I seem to regret a lot of my choices when it comes to food) in fact it was refreshing from my staple diet which consists pasta, pasta and more pasta at the moment, because mum and dad are enjoying themselves in Cancun, Mexico. ( I shall be sharing pictures of Cancun soon, so watch this space!) After our gorgeous lunch, we then wandered off to Waterstones looking for some academic textbooks, wow I have to say, I think I would be bankrupted after three years of reading law!! *FACT* harsh reality strikes again!-  Here’s some self reflection: honestly I think I had the best summer ever, very eventful but I can’t not wait for the exciting thoughts of becoming a uni students ahead! STAY POSITIVE ♥


What I did yesterday – Update!

Hey darlings, its late sorry about the bad update. I promised to write about my day at Cardiff city yesterday so here it is.

The morning started in a rush, I spent too much time doing my hair so I nearly missed the train by 5 minutes!! SCARY THOUGHT. Finally I met up with my bestie Daniel who came down to visit Cardiff for the day, once again nearly missing our train to Cathays by one minute haha! We walked around the campus area for a while, you know pretending to be younger like we had no UCAS experience ;). We then settled at this beautiful garden to relax and chatted about what we saw mainly how excited we are for  September. With daffodils booming all around us, I am more determined than ever to being able to sit on this exact spot catching up with Dan over a coffee again. 😀


after our lovely chat, we headed to the high street and settled for a mexican lunch at Chimichangas, we both ordered a chicken burritos and it was delicious also very filling!!


After showing Dan some of the major sites in Cardiff we ended our day with a long conversation at Starbucks, overall it was so nice meeting him in a lovely day , now let the hardcore revision session begin ;)!! I shall write again soon.

My evening

So Joe and I decided to go for a walk with our dogs earlier this evening, even though the weather wasn’t the nicest… you know the typical Welsh weather, you never know when there might be a dark cloud then next minute BAM soaked from head to toe. Yes, that’s what happened to us!

Oh and I couldn’t resist myself from shopping online… again, I got a pair of cute summer wedges and a top for my holidays this summer, pictures will be posted when they arrive of course! In the next few weeks I would be pre-occupied with exam revision and going to Cardiff to meet up with a friend too!! Stay tuned!