A Glimpse Of North Korea

A trip to the North Korean border was a bonus day trip this summer while I was on vacation in China! My boyfriend was so excited when I told him the news, yes, we all read the book called Nothing To Envy: Real Lives In North Korea. ( If you haven’t then I would seriously…… Continue reading A Glimpse Of North Korea

Summer 2013 – Best Summer Ever.

It’s been so long since I last blogged, my internet connection has been down recently. Here I am finally home getting hold of a computer and proxying through the Chinese Great Fire Wall onto WordPress. If anyone is wondering which VPN I use, I recommend Pandapow!  🙂 I’ve been having such a hectic lifestyle lately; yes, I…… Continue reading Summer 2013 – Best Summer Ever.

Half empty? Half full?

Half empty.. Half full? – It is a common expression used to test out one individual’s worldview.  I’ve been wanting to post my thoughts on this topic for a while now. Generally speaking, I class myself as a worrier you know the one who always picture the worst case scenario as a way to alleviate…… Continue reading Half empty? Half full?

My tips for long haul flights

12 days until I jet off to China, so currently I’m searching around for skin care routines for long haul flights. I think any girl would probably have experienced skin discomfort during long haul flights mainly from severe dehydration in the cabin, so here’s my tips: Buy some empty refill 100ml bottles from Ebay, fill…… Continue reading My tips for long haul flights