Workaholic, Foodie, Shopaholic – what I did in the last 4 weeks

Been a month since my last update, it’s natural that my blog feels a bit neglected! I don’t know whether any of you students out there feel the same but the weeks literally fly at University? Literally! So much work, so little time. 

Apart from me being a workaholic on a daily basis, I’ve been going on many dinner dates around Cardiff with my boyfriend, we are such foodies! Many of regular readers would know that my favourite is this Mexican restaurant called Chimichanga, they have recently refurbished the place… my favourite Aztec decorations had been replaced by a much more authentic festival decoration… although I don’t know whether they did it because Christmas in a month time? But, if you get a chance to visit please check it out and try their dessert Churros or Sangria… or Both!!




Mmmm… getting a little carried away there! Surprisingly, dining out is perhaps the biggest expense so far in my “pretend” budget( I feel like I have to call it a budget since I am a student after all). admittedly I have been good with online shopping… at least to my standard. Below are my purchases of the month.



My beloved Dior perfume is running out so I decided to try out a relatively cheap alternative scent by Vinnie Westwood called Cheeky Alice, the scent is not very strong compare to others and the after note is a light floral, sandalwood scent, I love it! Definitely recommend it!


Be Naturally Beautiful – Une Natural Beauty & Real Technique Brush review

2013-09-02 12.03.52

*This is my first beauty review, not sponsored to do this, I genuinely love these products so much!* (I did this post last night but somehow was deleted…so here it is again!)


Une Natural Beauty

I’ve always wanted to try out this make up brand, saw its advertisement in so many magazines last year but I thought they were a bit pricey. Last week, I found them at sales on, yup I love a bargain! As its name suggests, this is an extremely natural looking make up once you put them on. Like most other make up brands, they offer different colours to suit different skin tone to enhance your natural complexion. I have light olive skin so the blusher, lipgloss, lipstick & mineral powder (in the picture above) suit my skin tone very well; from now they will be my every day make up because they feel fresh on the skin, lightweight and most importantly, by helping me achieve the ”barely there” look.  I also bought some eyeshadow from Une; in soft pink, soft brown and nude. They have a lovely texture similar to big brands such as Chanel, so far I’ve only wore them once. But they were super blendable and I was able to achieve a very soft look which was perfect for day light. My personal favourite is the highlighter pencil, wear it on the arch of the brow and the centre of the nose to complete the fresh face look.

Real Technique Make Up Brushes by Sarah Chapman

They are the first set of professional make up brushes that I own, I was recommended by a beauty-love friend. Currently, I’m still experimenting with them and they offer online tutorials if you are unsure about how to use them. Real Technique offers so many different types of brushes but I bought the limited edition Duo fibre. The set contains a multi-tasking brush, a contour brush and an eye-shadow brush. What I love about this brand is that the brushes have a feather-like texture, feels -oh-so-lovely on skin and perfect to combine it with Une Natural for the everyday fresh face look. I always thought investing in make up brushes is unnessary, but this set only costed £20 which isn’t bad compared to some of the others that I’ve seen.

My tips for long haul flights

12 days until I jet off to China, so currently I’m searching around for skin care routines for long haul flights. I think any girl would probably have experienced skin discomfort during long haul flights mainly from severe dehydration in the cabin, so here’s my tips:

  • Buy some empty refill 100ml bottles from Ebay, fill it with your trustworthy skin care products, so these will be kept in your hand luggage no fuss! 🙂

Toner: I swear by Garnier – essential grape extract toner for combination skin; it’s hydrating but non- greasy so I could re-apply it every hour or so during flights. P.S it is important to use non- greasy products to prevent breakouts! I also read that most celebs recommend – Evian facial spray. It relieves dry, irritated skin caused by high altitude and poor air quality during air travel.  Also it can be used in hotter climates to cool your skin down. There are so many positive reviews out there on beauty blogs, so I might give a try!

Facial cream: I usually use Garnier essential day cream for combination skin, feels very light on my skin and non greasy. But this might not be hydrating enough during flights, my friend recommended Aquaphor by Eucerin, apparently it’s really soothing so I’m giving it a go!

Under eye area: Invest in a nice eye cream is a must for long haul flights and usually I pack a few Q10 under eye masks too,keeping my under eye area moist and bright.

Lips:Dont forget the lips, I have pretty sensitive skin so I rely on my little green tin of Vaseline to do the trick.

** so before applying all of these products, make sure you remove every trace of make up!!! **

  • Invest in an eye mask, ear plug, headphones, travel pillow && a pair of wooly socks

This is so important for me, I’m one of those people who cannot sleep in flights but I shall always try to get some rest 😛

  • drink lots of water keeping you  and your skin hydrated

I usually buy two large bottles before boarding and keep them near me during the flight, so much easier than calling the flight attendants all the time asking for water.

  • RELAX !!

Make up shopping

Ok, I must admit that I have spent alot of money lately to cheer myself up from constant revision. Today I received some goodies that I bought from last week. So here, CK lipgloss which is my favourite lipgloss of the year, it’s non sticky formula yet moisture feels great for dry lips, seriously recommend it! I also bought some Dainty Doll blushes to try out, I read the reviews apparently people said they are really pigmented. Of course I shall do another review on it when I use them. i also love the collagen eye gel patch, they are such a life saver especially during revision late nights that I been having! That’s all for now, going to study for the rest of evening, have a nice day darlings!


My beauty essentials

I always remembered that endless search for the right skin care beauty routine back when I was fourteen years old. Particularly it was difficult finding the right shade of foundation that matches my skin tone and I’ve tried so many of them, most of the time just too heavy for my combination skin or eventually dried my skin out. Now thanks to Garnier I’ve finally found the perfect one! I bought it as I was curious about the sudden craze over BB creams at the time, now I can’t live without mine haha,just the right amount for oil/ combination skin same time covers uneven skin tone. I’m not one of those people buying makeup just for the brand, I prefer to mix n match between branded and drugstore makeup. As you can see here, I recommend you guys to try out the brand Elizabeth Arden, it’s seriously nice and this mascara I own is amazing! Of course, CK has always been one of my favourite brand, perhaps just for being a trustworthy brand stands for good quality. I love that CK little black tube works just as well as the YSL Éclat radiant touch… Except half of the price!


So these are some of the beauty essentials that I use on a daily basis, though I don’t wear make up if I’m staying at home to prevent breakouts and most important things of all I’ve cut down junk foods completely too. Leave a comment below and tell me what are your favourite beauty products?