Here Comes Summer






(pictures taken at Bute Park, Cardiff)

Officially the end of the term, how time flies! I have finally completed my first year in Law school. The whole experience would be described as the most challenging, emotional, crazy & fun! As I finished packing and returned my keys back to the residence’s office, I felt an overwhelming emotion. Sad, for saying goodbye to all of the friends I made at university ( particularly it would be rather strange not seeing all of my crazy flatmates around and our weekend cookery sessions which usually turn into a disaster then a huge clean up session followed right after). Of course the freedom of living on my own! Yet again, as I should probably make another announcement, I am super excited for my upcoming trips this summer.

First destination: Rhodes Island, Greece. Great pictures and travel tips will be posted! 


The Lighthouse Award


Words cannot describe how happy and honoured I am to be nominated for this award. Thank you journeyaroundtheglobe.  All you travellers please check out his blog, it’s very well written and marvellous presentation.  I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while, but as you guys have notice I’ve stopped bloging for a while; life at university became a little hectic lately.

The criteria for accepting this award are:

•Display the Award Certificate on your blog.
• Write a post and link back to the blogger that nominated you.
• Inform your nominees of their award nominations.
• Share three ways that you like to help others.
• Nominate as many bloggers as you like.

3 ways I like to help others:

1) I do try and help those in need whenever I can, usually I listen to their problems and offer advice if possible.

2) I do a lot of charity event like fundraising, street collection or donations etc. I  believe in taking those little steps to make a better world.

3) This might be a little strange to admit but I consider myself as a cheerful person who likes to make others happy when they feel down.

Here are the blogs I’d like to nominate for this award:

My Sunday: keep calm and drink green tea


The weather was rather windy last night, I couldn’t go to sleep at all and entertained myself by reading a legal magazine. Ah. The life of a law student! This morning I forced myself to go for breakfast, the most important meal of the day of course.  I really cannot wait for summer to come, starting to work on my travel journal again and telling you guys about my journey. 

I’m going to spend the whole day working since I have done a lot of procrastination lately. Is it just me who go through phrases from -one week productive to unproductive the next?? 

Brighten up this gloomy day



It’s beautiful isn’t it?! Receiving this in the post today was the highlight of my day! Frankly, I’ve been feeling  rather down lately and this gorgeous orange shade really cheered my up! Guess everything will work out for the better, always!
This is a 14″ satchel which is a perfect size for students like myself, fitting my Ipad, A4 notes perfectly with plenty room left too! It’s so beautifully crafted, for those who plan to buy one, STOP HESITATE! The bag was exclusively designed for ASOS where I ordered mine from, some of you may believe I have a craze for orange as my last MK bag was almost the same colour.
The shade is perfect for adding that eye catch effect to an outfit, for summer day outs and also an instant perk-me-up in the constant down pour that is the common of Cardiff!

The Liebster Blog Award

Ah! My second blog award! Thank you for the nomination Sarah from the Violet Keys. Would like to ask you guys to check out her blog, which is such a cute life style blog with amazing pictures! 



Here are my answers to the questions given by Sarah: 

  1. What inspires you to blog? – I started this blog to document my travel experiences across the world, not only that I find myself taking way too much pictures when I’m on holiday but I wanted something more than just a collection of images. Blog is the perfect platform to tell my fellow travelers about the sites/places that I’ve visited. Those experiences are often written from my very own personal perspective, so that’s the personal touch which travel guides cannot offer! Half way through working on my blog, I realised to document my life; the reason being that travelling is simply NOT the only passion I have. I love all aspects of life, being a foodie, shopaholic and finally a first year Law student!… I realised that I have given such a long answer to this question but to summarise, I guess it is my passion for life that inspires me to blog! 
  2. If you could live anywhere in the world (or beyond) where would it be? Mmm this is a difficult question because I love New York’s busy lifestyle but also envying a life in the Sunny Australia. 
  3. If you could only eat one cake for the rest of your life, what would it be?-Easy. Black Forest Gateau. 
  4. What Disney character would you be? – Cinderella probably. Because shoes are important to me. 
  5. Marmite… lover or hater?- Hater.
  6. The one person that inspires you the most?- Elle Woods from Legally Blonde, it sounds silly I know but she motivates me to achieve my best in Law 
  7. One thing about you that you have never mentioned on your blog? – the one thing I can think of at this moment might be that my boyfriend and I are no longer together … does that count? 
  8. Favourite film… of all time? – Mean Girls 
  9. Strangest or funniest thing a stranger has ever said to you? – A guy once came up to me during a fresher’s event: you look familiar. SMOOTH CHAT UP LINE THERE. It’s just creepy! 
  10. Favourite book that you can read over and over again and it never gets old?- Baby Barrista’s book collection! 

healthy eating

January 2014 came and greeted us with the usual sparkle in fireworks and of course sent out the alarming panic to all of us- reminding that we are now a year older. Again. Haha I’m kidding!! There is only 1 week left in this month, thought I would keep you us informed about what I got up to.

My plan for this year is to stay healthy and fit, everyday I have more juice and less coffee. A juice that I recently got hooked on is called Naked. Try the Red Machine, it’s made of berries. Super yummy! Below, are just some glimpse of the food I enjoy.





Hey Blog, How I Missed You!

Forgive me for neglecting you, Blog and my dear readers. The Internet connection was extremely slow in China and during those 3 weeks, I had so much plans to see families, trying out the food that I missed. For the first time in eight years, I spent New Years Eve with my grandmother and the rest of my families in China. 13/14 had a special meaning in Mandarin as it sounds similar to what translated as ‘forever and always’  in English. So, yes, I am very lucky having spent that special day with the people I love the most!

Reflecting on my time and achievements made in 2013; Found Love, Started this blog, Travelled to China, Got into Law School.. that’s all I could think of so far.Those achievements are not bad right? 2013 taught me so many things, whether they were bad or nice memories I’m thankful for them because they all have helped me grow into what I am now.

In 2014, I plan to achieve more physically and mentally, to have a healthy mind and a healthy body. Be happy and love whatever life brings!

p.s. dear, whoever is reading this, don’t forget to smile today!