Four days in paradise – Santorini

In July 2012,  I travelled to Santorini in Greece,  it was the prettiest, romantic place I’ve ever been! If you wonder where are those ‘iconic images’ of Greece; usually portrayed especially on Greek yoghurt those blue roof white washed walls over looking to Aegean sea? Santorini is the place where you can indulge yourself in the beauty of that along with various beauty it has to offer!



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Re-living the film ”My life in the ruins”. My Travel journal – Central Greece

My visit to Greece dates back to 2010, during which many riots took place and my family were having second thoughts about cancelling the holiday prior to our visit. Luckily, the riots only took place exclusively outside Parliament Square which is located in the city center and after 7 pm the street would be cleaned so it wouldn’t distract any traffic on the next day.
when we arrived at the airport, you can book any boat trip at the local travel agent’s counter and from what I can remember, dad booked the boat trips for a day out to three nearby islands ( Hydra and the rest I can’t remember) However, if you just want to stay in Athens then all the historical buildings are close by so there is no need to spend extra money on expensive tours. We stayed at a 5 star hotel called ”Classical Athens Imperial” and it had very pretty views on the rooftop at night!
Sites worth to see at Athens
The Acropolis and the Parthenon
I’ve visited these sites below by booking a tour at a Greek travel agency:
Ancient Greek theatre at Epidaurus
The Lion Gate
NOTE: my holiday in central Greece only lasted about 4 or 5 days so it was a rather short trip and everyday’s agenda was jam-packed so I had to get up pretty early in the morning to wait for a tour bus outside the Hotel to pick us up. Though since I’m into sightseeing or cultural experiencing,  it was worth it!!

Tips: Taxi drivers in Greece sometimes don’t use their meter for tourists and often the price they demand for the journey will be ALOT more. Beware, my family and I were lucky enough to met an honest Greek man who told us about this scam.

My thoughts

With only 2 months left at sixth form really can’t believe how fast the time has gone, it was like yesterday since I started comprehensive school as a year 7 student at only 11 years old !! Time flies. I’ve met so many good & honest people during those 8 years at school including my amazing boyfriend. What more can I ask for? It’s time to look forward to the future.

Turning 18 has suddenly made me realise a lot of the things like I never consider before, such as:

  •  The most important thing of all, taking good care of my body by eating healthy, regular exercise. Losing my granddad to cancer in late december last year  made me realise how important health might be for a human being.
  • Like Victoria Secret Angel Miranda Kerr once said :

    being sexy is about having a big heart and positive attitude/showing gratitude to nature and others around you

    I truly agree with her , there are so many people in this society adopting an ungrateful attitude believing they are the most deserving, now that’s an ugly attitude to have!

  • Having a positive attitude, every time I feel like doing nothing at all, I always tell myself that everything I do now is helping me to achieve my goal and that every obstacle I come across throughout my life is shaping me as a person.

In the next two months, I plan to treasure every minute with those I love and of course myself.

Stay motivated

After going through heaps of my schoolwork, I forced myself to do some pilates just to tone up those muscles. Okay, I admit that I used to collect fitness DVDs just to make myself feel good but never had any motivation to use them. So a nice trick for you all, I went on YouTube and collected some of my favourite exercises targeting different areas in the body. I have been doing  it for a week now, already noticing some difference especially my posture( Pilates is a great workout for improving bad postures and stretching for lean mucles) I’m loving it.

Everytime I feel like slacking off on exercise, this is what I will be telling myself.

So stay motivated guys and goodnight my fellow bloggers

gymandmotivation: let’s make it happen ladies.

My first ever blog!

Finally, I decided to open an account on word-press to start my journey as a part-time blogger in between my studies. Thanks to Word-press providing me a space to let my feelings out and rants !! ha ha.  Another reason why I decided to do a blog is because I will be travelling to China this summer followed by moving to Cardiff city for university, so the exciting adventure begins here.