Dim Sum Sunday

2014-07-21 17.44.09
Having dim sum has becoming a Sunday ritual in my family, what a lovely way to spend time together!


Discovering the Welsh life – St Fagan’s




IMG_0652IMG_0663It’s a pity that I haven’t visited this place sooner during my time at Cardiff university. St Fagan’s, ah I remember the days when I visited with school on a Welsh trip, this place is a perfect spot for family day out, educational tours for discovering the ancient Welsh life. I think it’s the biggest open air museum in Wales, and of course the best thing about this place to visit is that it’s free, besides the travel expenses which I paid £3.00 catching the bus from Cardiff Central station.

It is indeed a wonderful place especially on a sunny day, as you can see, there are picturesque sceneries almost everywhere you go. For nature lovers or photography fanatics like myself, this  is heaven.



I Love My Life

So I had a brilliant day with mum, we went shopping together and found a pair of beautiful heels. Going to team it up with my floral dress for future events at University during freshers. Promise there will be lot’s of photos coming up! Stay tuned! Oh and let’s not forget the new notebook I bought today, it says ” I Love My Life” on the cover! With university coming up where I will be making so much new friends in the lovely of Cardiff, yup, I do love my life ♡

2013-08-25 18.00.36


New Chapter In My Life

It’s been so hectic since I flew back to Britain! Doing the usual stuff like unpacking and there I was the next day with only 4 hours worth of sleep, woke up at 6am nervously checking UCAS updates. And I waited for about an hour and half – YES I GOT INTO CARDIFF UNIVERSITY!! so so happy right now 😀

Yup, so some of you would probably have guessed that I have alot of stuff to sort out before my next move to the capital city of wales! I’ve made a list to take and a list to do so far. Literally cannot wait!



Goodbye China, hello university life!

Spent my final day in China today, all packed and ready for my 13 hours flight tomorrow! Going to miss this place and my family of course, I shall be finding out my A-levels results the day after I land too! So so nervous 😦 wish me luck guys 😀



What I did on my last days in China

Time has gone so fast! It’s the end of my summer trip in China 😦 !! Yesterday I went to a Japanese Teppenyaki resturant with my boyfriend in this new shopping mall and tried some of the most delicious food ever, all for 198 per person. Teppenyaki is a type of cooking method where there is a big grill table with seats around it. I love it because it is super clean especially with the food being cooked in front of you!Image