Brighten up this gloomy day



It’s beautiful isn’t it?! Receiving this in the post today was the highlight of my day! Frankly, I’ve been feeling  rather down lately and this gorgeous orange shade really cheered my up! Guess everything will work out for the better, always!
This is a 14″ satchel which is a perfect size for students like myself, fitting my Ipad, A4 notes perfectly with plenty room left too! It’s so beautifully crafted, for those who plan to buy one, STOP HESITATE! The bag was exclusively designed for ASOS where I ordered mine from, some of you may believe I have a craze for orange as my last MK bag was almost the same colour.
The shade is perfect for adding that eye catch effect to an outfit, for summer day outs and also an instant perk-me-up in the constant down pour that is the common of Cardiff!


Girls + Shoes = ♥


Boyfriend gave me these as a gift today, I was so happy! My first pair of Maddens! They are super comfy and the studded designs are stunning, would add a little edgy to any evening dress. Cannot wait to wear them for events in University. ♥

I Love My Life

So I had a brilliant day with mum, we went shopping together and found a pair of beautiful heels. Going to team it up with my floral dress for future events at University during freshers. Promise there will be lot’s of photos coming up! Stay tuned! Oh and let’s not forget the new notebook I bought today, it says ” I Love My Life” on the cover! With university coming up where I will be making so much new friends in the lovely of Cardiff, yup, I do love my life ♡

2013-08-25 18.00.36


Love. Love. Oriental prints.

2013-07-22 17.32.42_mh1374489698151

Look what I found in Guilin today! Oriental printed bag, super girly and perfect for summer :). Only 238 yuan. 😉 now having an evening meal with boyfriend and cousin. Might go for a BBQ too later on, love. X

What mum brought back from China

Finally, mummy came home last night and I was very excited to see her. She bought me some clothes which I thought was very very cute. Check them out! I have to say I love the pj sets she bought me and the electrical hot water bottle Which will definitely come in handy during winter days in Britain. although I do apologise for the repetitive shopping post lately, it’s just I am shopping for my summer holiday and I am super excited! Of course not to mention that as many of you guys can tell I am a bit of a shopaholic haha.
Another good news today is that I finally convinced dad to convert one of our spare bedroom to a walk in closet! 😀 a good day overall, I hope u guys had a nice day too! ImageImage


New in – Havaianas

Found this pair of Havaianas in the sales, finally arrived today! I love the studs and the colour of course, even though I was abit unsure of buying it at first but honestly they do feel different than other flipflops I’ve worn before. So go and grab yourself one darlings and get ready for the summer ;)! now that dad saw this pair I’ve bought, he’s been asking me to buy a pair for him when he goes to Mexico this summer too. Image