Shopping and Spa day in China

13 hours later, I arrived at Sheng Yang airport and picked up by mum at the arrival gate. I almost slept through my plane journey which is a good decision since the on-flight entertainment system wasn’t so good. One of my ability that I boast about is the fact that  never have or had jet lag. Ever. There I was finding myself shopping around the busiest high street with mum and went for sushi the very next day. Oh and IT. WAS. YUMMY. I almost forgot how cheap it i to dine out in China; even something like sushi which is a treat to an ordinary student like myself during my time in Britain.

In the last two days,  l literally ‘shopped until I dropped’ as I;ve ben feeling rather tired around 8pm after a long shopping trip! Photos will be up soon showing my latest purchase another day. Today, I visited my great-grandmother, it would be rude not to especially  the sole purpose of this trip was to celebrate her 90th birthday. She was not informed that I’m back for this event, therefore I was greeted with such a surprised look when she opened the door! WHAT A SPECIAL MOMENT.

Besides that, I visited a spa nearby with mum. We treated ourselves with a massage, milk and honey treatment and later a korean styled sauna (forgive me for calling this, it sounds silly but it’s basically a sauna with a korean styled room with a tea-table in the middle, so naturally we had tea!) Oh the feeling afterwards, unbeatable! You feel like loosing 5 pounds off weight! It was such a treat in the cold weather!  


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I am an 19 years old law student who also developed a passion for travelling! This blog shares all my adventures around the world.

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