End of the term panic: Deadlines, Christmas, Trip to China !

Is it just me having the ‘panic moment’ every December of every year? Once again, my Law course at University has coming to an end.. the only way to describe it: TOUGH WORK & SLEEP DEPRIVED.

It has been tough balancing the workload that the tutors throw at you, not to mention the amount of reading plus extra reading required to succeed. Simply, sometimes there isn’t enough time in the day to complete the reading (according to personal experience). Although having ranted about the intensity of this challenging degree; meanwhile I absolutely enjoy many aspects of the law can offer like no other degrees! Its areas of uncertainty which requires you to find out about in much more depth, the ‘blonde moment’ you feel when it comes to something you do not understand in your readings/ lectures, which then motivates you to look into it later… the list goes on. The important thing is that after the hard work, the swotting, the panicking, the potential near breakdown stage. You find yourself ‘click’ all suddenly then the feeling of accomplishment overwhelms you comes right after!

I’ve been working on my essays to meet the deadline due next week, pretty much preoccupied me most of this week. My break was to simply shop online and order christmas presents for family, boyfriends etc. ( nice time management!) Ok, I did have a panic moment yesterday when the realisation of not being access to Google when I jet off to China this time next week, which means I can not do my research for my holiday project/ along with various other essays that I need to given in January! THIS MOMENT OF : GOD. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?!?!!? Luckily I’ve come down. Downloading every documents I need onto my laptop shall commence this evening. ASAP.

I have 5 days to figure out what exactly should I bring to North Eastern China at this time of the year, last time I heard it’s minus ten degrees. God. Let’s hope I don’t freeze to death


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I am an 19 years old law student who also developed a passion for travelling! This blog shares all my adventures around the world.

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