My Hectic Week

It’s been a week since I logged onto my blog, feeling really bad for neglecting my readers! My apologies! It’s Sunday, finally I can have some time to myself to do things  I like; before you ask what might that be. Well it’s probably not as exciting as you might think: Shopping, going home to see family and blog 😛
Being a Law student after 2 weeks is tough, I felt the pressure and being suffocated with intense workload soon my course has started. That also explains why I haven’t even been able to catch up on my favourite American series – The Vampire Diaries. Also, haven’t had the time to browse online for clothes. waaa. Hard to admit, law work is literally my life right now. I found myself doing work 9-8 on Thursday; completely missed out dinner being served at my hall because I was swotting in the library. So here’s a good tip: make friends at your hall, get your friends to pick your food up for you! The moment when you returned from the library after a LONG day, you really begin to value the importance of friendship when you see a large chunk of chicken breast and LOT’S AND LOT’S of vegetables plus various dressings on your plate, all ready for you!  I nearly cried!

Once again, I visited home this weekend to see mum, dad and Joey. Felt really good to catch up with them and to spend some time in the country; FRESH AIR!! I will probably go home this upcoming Saturday since mum is planing to leave for China on the 29th, really going to miss her.

That’s enough update from me, right now my criminal law tutorial material is looking back at me and making me feel bad for leaving them out. Off to study I go! Another hectic week commence!


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I am an 19 years old law student who also developed a passion for travelling! This blog shares all my adventures around the world.

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