My Weekend At Home

Home, sweet home! I was picked up by Dad on thursday straight after lectures for dentist appointments. Yes I am now 6 months through of wearing braces and I saw some dramatic changes in my teeth! Every adjustment is an extremely annoying and painful experience lasting around 4 days then you won’t feel it again until your next adjustment. 

This weekend I decided to stay at home, missing mum’s cooking espcially some tradition chinese cookings like Hotpot, seafood, noodles and rice etc. Mm I never knew I could miss them so much after 2 weeks of eating English Breakfast, British cooked dinners. A friend from university also came to stay at mine, so far we took a long walk around the mountain, the lakes etc with Joey ( my cute Collie). We spent the afternoon reading and preparing for next week seminars like a pair of committed students with chocolate and lots and lots of fruit! Image



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I am an 19 years old law student who also developed a passion for travelling! This blog shares all my adventures around the world.

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