One Lovely Blog Award!!

Today started by missing my breakfast served at 8:00 am, ok I can explain, I was out with friends in the Student Union pub because it was one of my friends’ birthday. She finally came to Cardiff to meet us from her busy life being ‘a broke arty-student-on-foudation-course-without-funding’. Of course, it was so nice meeting her and I was pretty overwhelmed by the feeling of meeting up with an old friend! Like any other students, so during freshers week, I have so many enrolment events, welcome talks etc to attend… but guess what?! earlier, there was an email alert and yes a fellow WP blogger – overpackedandunderpaid had nominated me for my very first One Lovely Blog Award! BIG THANK YOU!


According to the rules attached to this award, I now have to share 7 facts about me, so here it is! Also I need to nominate 7 other bloggers, shall be announcing it tomorrow! Stay tuned!

  1. I am studying Law at Cardiff University, however prior to this choice I always wanted to do a language degree combined with business. But I love how to challenge myself intellectually nonetheless and Law encompasses so many aspects in society. Would be silly not to appreciate this!
  2. I would like to describe myself as 50%easy going, 50% uptight, my boyfriend puts it as bipolar. So yeah, my personality changes, depending on who you are and how I’m feeling!
  3. I love ballroom dancing, earlier today I signed up for a club at university and bought my 3rd pair of dance shoes!
  4. Beyond academia and all that jazz, my favourite past time is shopping! Any types of shopping such as food, clothes, beauty etc!
  5. Biggest passion= travelling! I think travel experiences are like no other, it widens your perspectives, fulfils your thoughts/feelings/soul and makes you appreciate the world as it is! Being able to travel around the world is probably the best gift I could ever have!
  6. I’m only 5ft3, a shorty and someone who lives in their heels.
  7. I stopped reading fiction books two years ago. Now it’s only Classic or Law ( so dedicated!)


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I am an 19 years old law student who also developed a passion for travelling! This blog shares all my adventures around the world.

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