Discover the beautiful Cancun and the Mayan treasures

At last, my parents got back from their holiday in Cancun yesterday! I was eager to look at the pictures they took and I must admit I nearly died in envy!




That was their first time going on an all-inclusive holiday offered by Thompson and stayed in a five-star resort called the Moon Palace Golf and Spa Resort. Really recommend this place because it offers so much things to do for its guests ranging from entertainment to dining as well as shopping. Dad said the service and food quality were excellent! So for anyone who is interested in going to Cancun, check out this place! By the looks of it, it’s really worthwhile!


In the mean time, Dad also payed extra for a packaged tour to see the Mayan ruins-The Nohoch Mul pyramid  and Chichen Itza. ( I will post more pictures on those in detail, stayed tuned!) I must say Cancun is definitely a place to relax and to explore Mayan cultures. Hopefully I shall visit next summer, my dream destination! Have you guys ever been? I would to hear all about it!






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