Be Naturally Beautiful – Une Natural Beauty & Real Technique Brush review

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*This is my first beauty review, not sponsored to do this, I genuinely love these products so much!* (I did this post last night but somehow was deleted…so here it is again!)


Une Natural Beauty

I’ve always wanted to try out this make up brand, saw its advertisement in so many magazines last year but I thought they were a bit pricey. Last week, I found them at sales on, yup I love a bargain! As its name suggests, this is an extremely natural looking make up once you put them on. Like most other make up brands, they offer different colours to suit different skin tone to enhance your natural complexion. I have light olive skin so the blusher, lipgloss, lipstick & mineral powder (in the picture above) suit my skin tone very well; from now they will be my every day make up because they feel fresh on the skin, lightweight and most importantly, by helping me achieve the ”barely there” look.  I also bought some eyeshadow from Une; in soft pink, soft brown and nude. They have a lovely texture similar to big brands such as Chanel, so far I’ve only wore them once. But they were super blendable and I was able to achieve a very soft look which was perfect for day light. My personal favourite is the highlighter pencil, wear it on the arch of the brow and the centre of the nose to complete the fresh face look.

Real Technique Make Up Brushes by Sarah Chapman

They are the first set of professional make up brushes that I own, I was recommended by a beauty-love friend. Currently, I’m still experimenting with them and they offer online tutorials if you are unsure about how to use them. Real Technique offers so many different types of brushes but I bought the limited edition Duo fibre. The set contains a multi-tasking brush, a contour brush and an eye-shadow brush. What I love about this brand is that the brushes have a feather-like texture, feels -oh-so-lovely on skin and perfect to combine it with Une Natural for the everyday fresh face look. I always thought investing in make up brushes is unnessary, but this set only costed £20 which isn’t bad compared to some of the others that I’ve seen.


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