The Silver Cave Resort – Yangshuo, Guilin China

Afternoon guys! It’s so hot out currently in Guilin around 35 degrees. Here I am hiding in my hotel room finding things to do, of course that would be blogging time :). Yesterday, we got up at 7 am; had a cooked breakfast at a cute cafe owned by an American called Minority Cafe. ( cooked breakfast is something I seriously miss in China right now, you can imagine my excitement!).The Minority Cafe is a popular spot for foreigners to hang out, starting from early hours in the morning until midnight. The price of the food is relatively cheap compare to other resturants in Yangshuo and the portions are very generous!  

After breakfast we went to meet up with a tour guide taking us to The Silver Cave resort, it’s a must see for tourists and I shall tell you, it was absolutely stunning!






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