Understanding stress levels

Good morning darlings, recently I read a good article on tackling stress levels, it really transformed my life so I’m sharing it with you guys!

Everyone suffers from stress in varying degrees, but it doesn’t have to be negative. Pressure can be a powerful stimulating motivator, urging us to achieve certain goals in life. But when pressure exceeds out ability to cope then it becomes stress. The important thing is to recognise the different types of stress and to identify nay negative stress before it becomes harmful.

There are three different categories for stress:

Pressure, which is usually a positive stress because its motivating!

Stress from daily annoyances; i.e Delayed flights or computer crashes. They are frustrating but soon forgotten. Everyday stresses like these can often be overome by planning. Simple remedies like choose an outfit the night before or charging your mobile phone regularly.

More serious situations like losing someone or something close to you.

Stress buster
    1. Assess it. Rate the amount of stress you’re feeling on a scale of one to ten. Then rate the importance of that situation on a scale of one to ten, where ten is serious injury or worse. So when you’ve missed a bus, your stress might be a seven when the importance of the situation is really only a two, clearly you’re creating your own unncessary stress.
    2. See the bigger picture. When you’re stressed, picture yourself in 3 months time.
    3. Get a handle on it. If you tink you’ve had a disastrous day, take time to watch the news and discover what real tragedy is.
    4. Slove it. Don’t waste time on the problem – spend time finding the solution. Think expansively rather than narrowly. There are more options thank you think.
    5. Don’t worry. It won’t make it better or worse. Worrying is a habit from childhood and is simply supersitious thinking most of the time.



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