My tips for long haul flights

12 days until I jet off to China, so currently I’m searching around for skin care routines for long haul flights. I think any girl would probably have experienced skin discomfort during long haul flights mainly from severe dehydration in the cabin, so here’s my tips:

  • Buy some empty refill 100ml bottles from Ebay, fill it with your trustworthy skin care products, so these will be kept in your hand luggage no fuss! ūüôā

Toner: I swear by Garnier – essential grape extract toner for combination skin; it’s hydrating¬†but non-¬†greasy so I could re-apply it every hour or so during flights. P.S it is important to use non- greasy products to prevent breakouts! I¬†also read that most celebs recommend – Evian facial spray. It relieves dry, irritated skin caused by high altitude and poor air quality during air travel.¬† Also it can be used in hotter climates to cool your skin down. There are so many positive reviews out there on beauty blogs, so I might give a try!

Facial¬†cream: I usually use Garnier¬†essential day cream for combination skin, feels very light on my skin and non greasy. But this might not be hydrating¬†enough during flights, my friend recommended Aquaphor¬†by Eucerin, apparently it’s really soothing so I’m giving it a go!

Under eye area: Invest in a nice eye cream is a must for long haul flights and usually I pack a few Q10 under eye masks too,keeping my under eye area moist and bright.

Lips:Dont forget the lips, I have pretty sensitive skin so I rely on my little green tin of Vaseline to do the trick.

** so before applying all of these products, make sure you remove every trace of make up!!! **

  • Invest in an eye mask, ear plug, headphones,¬†travel pillow¬†&& a pair of wooly socks

This is so important for me, I’m one of those people who cannot sleep in flights but I shall always try to get some rest ūüėõ

  • drink lots of water keeping you¬† and your skin hydrated

I usually buy two large bottles before boarding and keep them near me during the flight, so much easier than calling the flight attendants all the time asking for water.

  • RELAX !!


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I am an 19 years old law student who also developed a passion for travelling! This blog shares all my adventures around the world.

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