Four days in paradise – Santorini

In July 2012,  I travelled to Santorini in Greece,  it was the prettiest, romantic place I’ve ever been! If you wonder where are those ‘iconic images’ of Greece; usually portrayed especially on Greek yoghurt those blue roof white washed walls over looking to Aegean sea? Santorini is the place where you can indulge yourself in the beauty of that along with various beauty it has to offer!



we stayed in a hotel called Aegean Plaza Hotel,  it was five minutes away from the beach and the airport so it was very convenient!  I loved the exterior of our hotel, it looked like a group of mini villas put together ( think mediterranean cross between Arabian styled building)as you can see in the picture below. The breakfast offered at this hotel was the usual breakfast you would get from most hotels. But my family and I dined out in the evening, there are plenty cute bistros/restaurants along the promenade next to the beach, it literally comes alive at night! If you are a seafood lover like myself, then you would be spoilt for choices as most of the restaurants offer so many seafood on their menu! I had the most delicious sea bass during my time there, yum!


I spent two days sunning at the  most famous beach in Santorini – Kalmari Beach, with its black sand formed by the volcanic explosions. Personally, I love all types of beach, whether it’s sandy or pebble ones. But for those of you who hate getting sand everywhere, Kalmari beach is the for you! Beware: do not step on the pebbles without flip-flops. No joke, your feet would burn according from my personal experience.


To me what was so special about this beach was the fact that there were straw beach umbrellas, it kinda reminds you of somewhere tropical like Hawaii. Perhaps that’s just a personal opinion but I do think the straw ones look better than those plastic ones. The umbrellas are rented out by local cafe or shops, around 5 euros if I remembered correctly! Just lie down and a staff will come over and collect money from you afterwards. You may also order food from the cafe/shops too, they will bring it over to your lounge chair. So there I was having a sea bass and salad for lunch with freshly pressed orange juice, under the sunshine… that’s the life!


I need to also mention about the weather, yes very typical of me adopting the British ways.. haha! But before visiting make sure you have higher SPF sun creams, I came home looking exceptionally tanned after sunbathing for 2 days… obviously it’s good for you regular sunbathers out there, still need to look after your skin and it’s important to protect them!

Car rental is necessary for those who wish to travel the whole island ( which isn’t very big by the way). My family rented one because we stayed at the place near the airport and the beautiful scenery of the iconic Greek are in the place called Oia which is different part of the island. It costed around 60 euro per day including tax/ insurance, but it was worth it especially for the beautiful sights!


For cheaper options, most tourists rent quad bikes to get around the island. As we travelled to the top of island to a place called OIA.. its scenery was like the typical Greek icon, white walls and blue roof. Wow, it was breathtaking (during my visit they somehow changed the wall around the church to cream rather than white which was slightly disappointing.) This would also be a perfect place for weddings, those of you probably have seen Mama Mia! The film was filmed here and just imagine how your pictures would turn out! Upon arrival, I actually saw a woman holding a sign with the name of a soon to be bride and a donkey beside her, who could blame them? The wedding in Mama Mia was beautiful!



(pictures of myself in front of the famous greek icon & looking over to Oia)

My four days ended very quickly, I was pretty sad during the wait for my plane home. For those of you who plan to visit, I suggest you to stay 7 days, indulge yourself in the beautiful scenery because you never know when you might return! Having said that, fingers crossed for my second visit!


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